Microsoft Gets Company’s Code Certificate Pulled

Better watch out fellow coders. Make a useful utility for Windows and Microsoft might jump all over your ass for it. LinchpinLabs, an Australia-based company, released the Atsiv utility July 20th for free. It allows users circumvent a feature of the 64-bit version of Vista that allows only digitally-signed code to be loaded into the OS kernal. In short, you can’t go messing with Vista’s core in the 64-bit version without Atsiv.
Microsoft caught on to LinchpinLabs’ utility and decided it wasn’t going to have anyone messing around with its crappy new operating system. So Microsoft got sneaky and asked Verisign to yank LinchpinLabs’ certificate. Now the software supposedly no longer works. Either way, it’s just another example of why Microsoft sucks so much.
Microsoft Has Verisign Revoke Atsiv Certificate [Neowin]


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